Tel Aviv – The City That Pays

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Tel Aviv is the largest city in Israel coming as the second one, both in population and its area. The culture in this is a city is the most highlighted. Apart from culturally holding its place, it is also the finance provider to the country, the largest financial core of Israel. Which makes the city commercialized on a large scale, but that doesn’t define that you won’t be able to find any attractions to explore through. The city is said to never get any sleep, it is always awake, and mostly awake by partying around. The city was named LGBT legalized in 2017 and is famous for its music culture around the country.


You will reach this absolutely incredible ancient port town of Israel, doing a slight walk downtown to the southeast area, for about five kilometers. Here you will find all the ancient arts and tools and things that were popularly sold years ago and at cheaper rates than the mainland market. There are various different artisan boutique shops that provide you with the clothing that was earlier the iconic dressing style of women and trust me it is extremely appreciable. If you are not into shopping, you can also go for just a stroll alongside the port coastlines in the evening. It is a heavenly feeling.


Tel Aviv is famously known for housing more than ten different beaches around the city, the water borders position is one of the largest reasons for Tel Aviv to be recognized. The beaches are surrounded by the huge strips of sand and seashells around it. There are many water sports that are offered on the beaches and kayaking is also an option. The forests behind the beaches hosts tours to spot fireflies in the night, synchronicity and mating process are mostly spotted.