Taubate – A Beautiful Heritage City In Sao Paulo

Taubate is a small city in Brazil which lies between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo city.  It is believed that the ancient Tupinamba territory was located in this place. The historical importance of the city has led to the establishment of several museums that feature traditional exhibits of all kinds. My weeklong stay in the city was quite relaxing. Although there are many interesting places in the city I would like to share my views on the best ones in this review.


  • Santa Terezinha Sanctuary


The church of Santa Terezinha Sanctuary is the most important religious landmark in Taubate. The entire structure is an illustration of Neo-gothic architecture at its best. It is believed to be the world’s first shrine dedicated to St. Therese. The interiors are gorgeously designed with stained glass windows, frescos, and sculptured gothic columns. The cathedral has a marble altar which is meticulously decorated. The whole atmosphere of the church is exceptionally tranquil.


  • Taubate Natural History Museum


Next I visited the Taubate Natural History Museum, showcasing  natural history. It has a paleontology section that exhibits an impressive collection of original fossils of animals and creatures that existed thousands of years ago. One of the popular displays includes the fossils of a Paraphysornis which is a giant predatory bird that existed nearly 23 million years ago. The fossils were found in 1982 during an excavation in the Taubate Basin. If you are traveling with family and kids, you should certainly visit this museum.


  • Cathedral of San Francisco Das Chagas


Located at the center of the city, the cathedral is one of the best religious sites to visit. The church looks ordinary from outside but once you step inside, you can feel the difference. The massive interiors are designed with frescos and beautiful paintings that adorn the walls and the high ceiling. Most of the frescos depict biblical events that relate to the life and crucifixion of Jesus.