Tarapoto – The City That Invites You

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Tarapoto is more of a nature equipped city. The city is surrounded by acres and acres of the jungle with high rise trees and bushes. If you want to visit the most beautiful natural attractions then this is the place to be. The city has been known in its early years for smuggling in and around Peru. And the city had numerous amounts of prison in it, which over time has been reduced and so the crime rate in the city. Now you will find various cozy restaurants and cafes in this city and bars that serve you the best mocktails. Tarapoto makes its own version of beers, which is very famous around Peru.

Laguna Azul

This is the local tourist spot in Tarapoto. Once you are here you will not stop appreciating the beauty this place is. You can do all sorts of water activities here, starting from small scale to large scale. Boating and fishing are offered in the morning and afternoon slots and you don’t need a guided tour for that, it’s a self-service checkout. You pay on an hourly basis and you go for it. The cost is 85 dollars per person for an hour. Swimming pools are made separately here, and you can also arrange for a family picnic just beside the water. The place is incredible.

Waterfall Ahuyashiyacu

This is the reason why people love visiting this city. The waterfall is the only waterfall this high around Peru and it is definitely a sight to behold. The waterfall is about 50 meters high. If you take one of the guided tours that are offered here, they will take you for a bath under the waterfall, it is an amazing experience. They offer street food just on the entry lane to the waterfall. A must visit.