Sorocaba: What To Do And Where To Go?

This was the first time I was visiting one of the biggest cities of Sao Paulo, Sorocaba. It is located in Brazil’s southeastern part. The city has hardly opened its infrastructure to tourist. Hence, there is no rush and it is quite pleasant. Even though it isn’t famous, I found some interesting attractions. In case you are planning to visit the city, here are some of the highlight of the activities and things to do in Sorocaba.

  • Quinzinho De Barros

Quinzinho De Barros is situated in the municipality of Quinzinho De Barros. It covers an area of 15 hectares. Believe it or not, this is the second largest zoo in Brazil when it comes to the species of animals you will find here. If you are traveling with your kids, this is a great place to be. The entry fee isn’t that costly. Even if it isn’t a big zoo, it is quite welcoming.


  • Catedral Metropolitana De Sorocaba

It is one of the most traditional churches that you will come across. It is more than two hundred years old and is situated in Plaza Coronel Fernando Prestes. Various festivals of the city take place over here. Cultural and history enthusiasts like me, should surely visit this place.

  • Mercado Municipal

Also known as the Municipal Market is the local market. It is more than 77 years old. You are going to come across various things in the market. It is the most iconic and oldest building of Sorocaba. Buy a wide variety of items in the market that includes rare plants, fish, meats, fish, vegetables, kitchenware, stationery, and several other things.

  • Pista Caminhada Campolim

This is a great park for hiking, walking, biking, and jogging. You can get your children and they can play around while you relax. I frequented this place every morning.