Places of Interest in Brasilia, Brazil

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Brasilia is a city with an amazing design called Plano Piloto which made me visit Brasilia when I got a chance. This city is a “world cultural heritage “site according to UNESCO. There are endless entertainments and sightseeing waiting for tourists visiting this ideal city.  The specialty of the city design is that official buildings, residential buildings, and commercial buildings are completely separated from each other.

Its attractions are as follows:


  • The National Congress Building


This building known as Praca dos Tras Poderes or Square of Three Powers was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The office of National Congress, Federal Senate, the offices of members of parliament, and the official residence of the President are located here. 


  • The Cathedral of Brasilia


This cathedral is unique with its circular design and it is one of the highlights of the city.  The cathedral sits on 16 columns and has a glass roof to provide natural lighting inside. If you like to go sightseeing, then include this cathedral in your travel itinerary.


  • Museum of Indigenous People


Locally known as Memorial dos Povos Indigenas, this museum amazed me with its artifacts and artworks. The exhibits include pottery, weapons, baskets, feather head-dresses used by native Brazilians. 


  • Hang Gliding


 If you are a person interested in aerial sports, you will find this spot really interesting. You can get a complete aerial view of the city by opting for hang gliding. Brasilia was the venue for 14th Hang Gliding World Championship in 2003.  The experience was really thrilling for the adventurer in me. 


  • National Park of Brasilia


Spread over 28,000 hectares this national park offers bushes, grasslands, swampy areas, and forests. This protected area had a variety of flora and fauna. Lake Santa Maria located here is the main water source for Brasilia. You can enjoy walking in the park through the walking trails or you can soak up in the mineral springs.