Ottawa: Unveiling The Treasure Trove Of Amazing Sites

visiting Ottawa from the airIrrespective of the season, Ottawa is filled with stimulating activities and impressive sights.  There are renowned historical places to visit. I have also enjoyed some adventures. Here are some of the things that you would not like to miss out on when you visit this city.


  • Parliament Hill


This spectacular Parliament Building offers an imposing sight of a high hill that looks out over Ottawa River. I visited the library at the located at the opposite of the entrance. You can go for a guided tour of the historic center block. In case you are lucky and the government is in session, you will be able to attend the question period.


  • Rideau Canal


This canal is two hundred kilometers long connecting the city to Kingston. Originally, it had been built as a strategic route bringing together Montreal and Ontario. I visited during the summer season so a stroll around the scenic banks was a pleasant experience. You can also cycle along the banks. If you are feeling adventurous, you can just rent a canoe or kayak and explore the canal all by yourself.


  • Canadian War Museum


Situated beside Ottawa River, the museum explores the military of Canada. If you are interested in history, do not forget to visit this place. You see a display of the some known historical events from the perspective of Canada. I also found a display of military vehicles such as jeeps, motorcycles, and tanks. You will also find Hitler’s car in here.


  • National Gallery of Canada


It has been designed by Moshe Safdie and surely is architectural excellence. The glass of the structure is in contrast with medieval Château Laurier but it fits pretty well in the cityscape of Ottawa. It is well-placed and I found many other Lower Town attractions close to this.