Montanita: Go Surfing Here! This Is A Paradise

A small town Montanita in Ecuador is known to be famous with the name ‘the surfers’ paradise. It is one among best places for adventure in Ecuador.

While entering the town I saw Monument Del Surfista, which is the statue of a man in surfing costume which welcomes visitors to the place of surfing.

Firstly I went to Playa De Olon. It is a lovely beach. I surfed the whole day and munched a lot of seafood. And then I relaxed for a while during sunset, sitting on soft sand. I stay there in a resort for four days and then I went Balsa surf camp. The place is best. It has an exciting infrastructure and nice hospitality. There are skilled surf instructors and we also learned yoga there. The food is best. And there is a relaxing spa. At evening I sat in the garden there enjoying the beauty of the universe.

One more exciting about Montanita is extreme partying. I went crazy and danced during nights there. It was a really amazing experience.

There is also a Spanish school for visitors. Since my stay in Montanita was for short time I learned the language only to some extent.

There were several 3-day tour packages which visitors could afford. These also took visitors to nearby cities and toured them. People said these we best. Since I had planned of only surfing in Montanita and relax for a while I didn’t take these packages which would make me go to other cities too. It is recommended that one visit this place for at least for a week, and you can learn surfing here from scratch even. This is one of the best places where you can visit during the summer season.