Lanzhou: Get To Know The Best Tourist Attractions

Last month I traveled to Lanzhou. This was the first time I visited the place and planned to explore all that it had to offer. The city boasts of amazing tourist attractions. I simply lost myself in the charm of the city. If you are visiting Lanzhou, you should not miss out on the following attractions.

  • Bingling Thousand

Also known as Bingling Grottoes is a well-known religious attraction of the city. Previously, the caves were called the Thousand Buddha Caves as the word ‘Bingling’ in the Tibetan language implies ten thousand Buddha. The stone sculptures are the primary attractions of this site. It represents the customs and the social situation in ancient times.

  • White Pagoda Mountain Park

This place is situated on the northern bank of Yellow River of Lanzhou. The park obtained its name from Baitasi’s white pagoda that you will find on the summit. White Pagoda Mountain Park had been opened in 1958 garners its reputation from magnificent architectural complexes. It had been built to commemorate Sa-skya-pa Sect of Tibetan lama who lost his life in Lanzhou while going to Mongolia.

  • Five-Spring Mountain

It is 5,250 feet tall and is located at Gaolan Mountain’s northern foot. The place derives its name from the five springs present in the mountain. Visit this place to get mesmerized by the scenic beauty. Its natural beauty is aggrandized by the verdant groves as the temples make the places a popular religious destination.

  • Xinglong Mountain

It is 56 kilometer south of Lanzhou city and is to be found in Yuzhong County. Xinglong Mountain is a forest park that a pavilion, 70 ancient temples, and 24 beautiful spots dispersed across the mountain. It has turned out to be one of the resorts of Taoism and Buddhism. You will come to a meandering stream between the two mountains. The blue sky and greenery are sure to make you fall in love with the place.