Figueira De Foz: This Party City Has It All

Our trip to Portugal was indeed a memorable one, and this was augmented with the fact that we had variety through the places that we visited. One such was Figueira De Foz, or Foz, as we called it for short which provided something different from the historical richness which other places offered. This one is a city famous for being a resort, and one can call this the Las Vegas of Portugal. Do note that there is nothing much to do during the day than to just wander around trying to believe how the same place transforms itself into a wonder at night. You can gather to watch the number of viewpoints or even take an adventure trail walk during the day.

Let us have a look at various places you need to visit in Foz:


  • Praia De Claridade


This amazing beach filled with white sand has been drawing tourists from the 19th century. This also has a lot of bars and hotels constructed right next to it, so this beach has an amazing nightlife as well. Do note that the facilities are amazing in plenty at the beach and it is even worth to grab a drink and spend an entire day here soaking up the sun.


  • Casino


The city is famous for its main casino although there is the number of small ones that dot throughout the place. This one although is one of the oldest, one would not recognize it at one go thanks to the amazing glass façade in which it is enclosed. Even if you are not into gambling, you can catch some serious individuals playing it out in the evening. That is an experience worth seeing. This thing goes back to more than 150 years, so the tradition of gambling has been persistent in this place for long.