Estremoz Is A Simple Yet Beautiful City Of Portugal

During the long struggle of Portugal to retain its sovereignty, Estremoz played an important role. The strong influence of this could be seen on the architect of the town. The town has many historical sites that share the imprint of that era and knowledge as well. Here is the list of places, which I find interesting in Estremoz and recommend you to visit the same.

  • Castle of Evoramonte

The castle is also known by the name Évora Monte or Évoramonte. This is the main attraction of Estremoz; people traveling to the town begin their trip by visiting this site. This attraction of this castle is its simplicity. It is simple and elegant; the castle gives a wonderful view of Estremoz landscape, some mountains, and trees. While reaching the castle you can have some adventure as well road that leads to Evoramonte is steep and need good balancing.

  • The Castle of Estremoz

The castle another charm is the city. This also has a simple architect yet very attractive. The place witnesses a good flow of people both from the city as well as from far places. I too liked this castle and its elegance.

  • Museu Municipal Prof. Joaquim Vermelho

This is the museum where you can see the best collection of some of the great things. It is subdivided into the ceramic section, wood, horn, and cork. The other interesting section here is medieval archeology, sacred art, and Romanesque and tile art.

  • Science Center Estremoz Live In

The science center of Estremoz basically focuses on the geology of secrets. The center has an impressive solar system that gives every detail of the solar system and its surroundings. This system is placed in the city as well as outside the headquarter of the council.

Additionally, you would find the mouth-watering cuisines here served beautifully. Don’t leave the city without tasting the authentic food of the place.